Battle Road IPO Review:

A Monthly Screen for New Ideas

Eight Key Benefits

  • Screen for new stock ideas. Each month we update the Battle Road IPO Review coverage universe to reflect changes in share price, valuation, and Consensus estimates. This reservoir of timely statistical data can be utilized to identify new investment opportunities.
  • Keep apprised of Our Exploration List. Battle Road Research, an independent stock research company founded in 2001, selects a small subset of the coverage universe that it believes will out-perform the coverage universe as a whole, taking into account valuation, and proprietary quantitative and qualitative measures developed by Battle Road.
  • Screen for meetings with company management. Besieged by requests from investment banking brokers to meet with their underwriting clients, fund managers and analysts use the Battle Road IPO Review to screen for conference calls, Zoom meetings, and fireside chats with company management.
  • Keep current on recent IPOs. Each month we profile recent IPOs, providing an overview of the company’s products and services, our assessment of the company’s prospects, and where the stock trades in relation to its peers.
  • Identify orphaned IPOs. Companies that perform poorly after their IPOs often find themselves with little or no Wall Street research coverage. Some of these companies have the potential to stage a comeback based on a new product, new management team, or a new-found interest in listening to shareholders. These “orphaned” IPOs may present investment opportunities.
  • Track and assess over-heated IPOs. Newly-minted IPOs often trade at stratospheric valuation levels. An earnings miss, product delay, or poorly-timed follow-on offering may present opportunities to build an initial position.
  • Learn about the best and worst performing stocks in each sector. Each month, we highlight the best and worst performing stocks in each sector, explain the reasons for the stock’s performance, along with where the stock, in the aftermath of its rise or fall, ranks in relation to its peers.
  • Stay abreast of the best and worst performing sectors. Each month, we keep you informed of the best and worst performing sectors, as well as changes in their valuation parameters. We summarize our findings as part of our monthly service.