Our clients read the Battle Road IPO Review for many reasons. We list eight of the most important ones below:

  • Screen for new stock ideas. Each month we update the Battle Road IPO Review coverage universe to reflect changes in share price, valuation, and changes to Consensus estimates. This reservoir of timely statistical data may be utilized to identify new investment opportunities.
  • Keep apprised of the Exploration List. Battle Road Research, a 13-year old independent stock research company, free from the influence of company management, selects a small subset of the coverage universe that it believes will out-perform the coverage universe as a whole, taking into account valuation, and proprietary quantitative and qualitative measures developed by Battle Road. The Battle Road IPO Review Exploration List has outperformed the coverage universe as a whole in 17 of the last 23 months.
  • Stay abreast of the best and worst performing sectors. Each month, we keep you informed of the best and worst performing sectors, as well as changes in their valuation parameters. We summarize our findings as part of our monthly service.
  • Learn about the best and worst performing stocks in each sector. Each month, we highlight the best and worst performing stocks in each sector, and attempt to explain the reasons for the stock’s performance, along with how the stock, in the aftermath of its rise or fall, ranks in relation to its peer-group.
  • Keep current on newly-minted IPOs. Each month we profile recent IPOs, providing an overview of the company, a critique of the company’s products and services, background on its founders and management team, and our assessment of the company’s prospects, based on knowledge of the industry and other factors. These summaries may be utilized to conduct further due diligence.
  • Identify orphaned IPOs which have fallen off Wall Street’s radar. IPOs that dramatically underperform the market may find themselves with little or no Wall Street coverage within a few years of their IPO, since many firms abandon these stocks in favor of other stocks which they perceive to have better banking prospects. We recognize that many of these forsaken stocks may never realize the potential set forth in their S/1 filings. However, some of these companies have the potential to stage a recovery based on a new product, new management team, or simply a new-found interest in running a profitable business. These so so-called “broken” or “orphaned” IPOs may thus present investment opportunities.
  • Discover and track over-heated IPOs prior to their pull-backs. Often times newly minted IPOs trade at stratospheric valuation levels. This comes as a result of the underwriters’ ability to build demand for the shares during the IPO road show, and in the aftermarket. However, these valuations are often unsustainable. Even companies with the strongest fundamentals rarely experience a linear ascent in perpetuity. Opportunities to accumulate shares at lower prices may occur as a result of an earnings miss, product delay, or poorly-timed secondary offering. Thus, fund managers and analysts must be prepared to pounce when the time is right.
  • Screen for meetings with company management. Fund managers and analysts are besieged by frequent requests from investment banks and sell-siders to meet with company management. Sometimes these requests are spawned by a genuine desire to provide the service of getting to know a management team that a salesperson or analyst truly believes in. Sometimes not. Fund managers and analysts must therefore be discerning about which secondary stock offering, “non-deal” road shows, one-on-one meetings, and broker dealer conferences they choose to attend. The Battle Road IPO Review may be utilized to screen for such meetings.