The Battle Road IPO Review

The Battle Road IPO Review is a monthly screen for new investment ideas. Comprised of a unique universe of 250 IPOs of the last thirteen years across the technology, consumer, and Electric Vehicle & manufacturing sectors, The Battle Road IPO Review is geared to asset managers and analysts seeking independent input into their stock selection process.

Published by Battle Road Research (, an equity research firm founded by Ben Z. Rose in 2001, The Battle Road IPO Review originated when one of our long-time clients, a well-respected portfolio manager, sought our help in seeking out solid companies with sustainable competitive advantages—and reasonable valuations—from among the many companies that have come public in recent years. Using quantitative and qualitative measures we developed an approach to screen for new ideas.

Eight years later, The Battle Road IPO Review universe consists of 250 software, internet, hardware, consumer, business services, and EV and manufacturing stocks whose median market cap is $4 billion. The coverage expands each month as we profile recently-minted IPOs.

Our clients use The Battle Road IPO Review to screen for new ideas from an independent source, free from the influence of company management, and sell-side brokers who may slant their research conclusions in favor of the companies they have taken public.

The Battle Road IPO Review helps our clients:

  • Identify orphaned IPOs that have fallen off Wall Street’s radar
  • Track over-heated IPOs
  • Keep current on recent IPOs
  • Learn about the best and worst performing stocks in each sector each month
  • Stay abreast of the best and worst performing sectors
  • Access a reservoir of timely statistical data
  • Screen for calls with company management

The Battle Road IPO Review also features a select list of stocks that Battle Road believes should out-perform the overall coverage universe. This list of stocks, dubbed the Exploration List, is an additional resource for our clients.  We strive to develop a list that features both growth and value-oriented stocks. Our goal is for the median stock performance of the Exploration List to exceed the median stock performance of the coverage universe on a monthly basis, which it has more than half the time each month since inception.